Profession V-belt builder

V-belt builders form V-belts out of calendered rubber rolls. They measure the amount of rubber needed and cut it with scissors. V-belt builders brush rubber cement on sides of the belt. They put belts on the drum to compress materials together and cut the belt to specified width with a knife.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Set-up drum for rubber

    Set-up the drum for rubber pressing by turning the wheel so that the required circumference and sizes are met.

  • Thread cemented belts

    Thread through the lathe guide the cemented belt cord, spotting the end edge of the base rubber on the drum.

  • Measure materials

    Measure the raw materials prior to their loading in the mixer or in machines, ensuring they conform with the specifications.

  • Monitor valves

    Monitor and accordingly adjust the valves in order to allow a specific amount of liquids (such as ammonia sulfuric acid or viscous soap) or steam into the mixer or machine.

  • Prepare rubber plies

    Prepare the rubber or gum plies for further processing by pulling them from rolls to the letoff rack and arranging them on the table, measured and aligned according to specifications.

  • Cut rubber plies

    Cut the ply to required length using the scissors of knife and bond the plies together with rollers and stitchers.

  • Brush rubber cement

    Brush rubber cement on closures and valves or on the sides of the already processed rubber plies.

  • Place V-belts on rack

    Place the V-belts on rack after collapsing the drum where the belts were cut.

  • Bond rubber plies

    Bond plies by insert the finished belt between the pressure rollers and rolling the belt onto the windup rack.

Optional knowledge and skills

operate calender machine inspect quality of products report defective manufacturing materials mechanics maintain equipment fasten rubber goods operate forklift