Profession cut tobacco bulker

Cut tobacco bulkers tend chutes and raking machines to feed and spread tobacco evenly into bulks. They direct the flow of tobacco into bulks and fill bulking cells with stemmed and cased tobacco. They spread tobacco in cells using handfork and position hydraulic presses to pack tobacco into bulks for fermentation.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Manufacturing of smoked tobacco products

    The processes, materials, and techniques to manufacture different types of smoked tobacco products such as cigars, fine cut tobacco, pipe tobacco, and cigarettes.

  • Variety of tobacco leaves

    Types of tobacco cultivars and varieties and their characteristics. Connection of attributes with cigar or cigarettes product requirements.

  • Crafting

    The ability to work with the hands in order to create something artistic.


  • Carry out checks of production plant equipment

    Carry out checks of the machinery and equipment used in the production plant. Ensure that the machinery is working properly, set machines before usage, and assure continuous operability of the equipment.

  • Blend tobacco leaves

    Blend tobacco leaves by cutting, conditioning, and blending the leaves of tobacco before these are being wrapped in a cigar or cut for cigarettes.

  • Perform sensory evaluation

    Evaluating the quality of a given type of food or beverage based on its appearance, smell, taste, aroma, and others. Suggest possible improvements and comparisons with other products.

  • Control levels of nicotine per cigar

    Control the levels of nicotine present in the leaves of tobacco to maintain required levels of nicotine in each cigar and comply with relevant regulations, if any.

  • Weigh leaf quantity per cigar

    Weigh and determine the quantity of leaves to be rolled in cigars according to specifications.

  • Perform cleaning duties

    Perform cleaning duties such as waste removal, vacuuming, emptying bins, and general cleaning of the working area. Cleaning activities should follow health and safety regulations if required.

  • Work in conveyor belts in food manufacturing

    Work in rotating conveyor belt systems in food manufacturing.

  • Apply requirements concerning manufacturing of food and beverages

    Apply and follow national, international, and internal requirements quoted in standards, regulations and other specifications related with manufacturing of food and beverages.

  • Apply HACCP

    Apply regulations regarding manufacture of food and food safety compliance. Employ food safety procedures based on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP).

  • Exert quality control to processing food

    Ensure the quality of all factors involved in a food production process.

  • Apply GMP

    Apply regulations regarding manufacture of food and food safety compliance. Employ food safety procedures based on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

  • Cut tobacco leaves

    Cut leaves into fine strands using the adequate equipment before drying. Ensure that cutting sizes are according to requirements.

  • Sort tobacco leaves

    Sort tobacco leaves according to colour and condition. Select the leaves with the best specifications for rolling cigars and for quality assurance. Sort tobacco leaves for manufacturing of different products such as pipe tobacco and chewing tobacco.

  • Regulates flow of shredded tobacco

    Regulate flow of tobacco to make sure that each cigarette contains the specified amount of shredded tobacco.

Optional knowledge and skills

adapt efficient food processing practices liaise with colleagues work in a food processing team tobacco products act reliably liaise with managers perform services in a flexible manner