Research and development

Technical report Big Five personality test

Take a look at the technical report (pdf or webversion) that's part of our international validation study of our Big Five personality test.

DISC vs. Big Five

The DISC Personality Model and the Big Five Personality Model are both personality theories with many followers. By examining the differences and similarities between the two models, we want to give the user enough information to make their own choice when using these tests. Read the complete research paper.

Research staff

Our research staff is headed by Edwin van Thiel, PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Psychometrics, who is the co-founder and co-owner of the 123test Company. We aim to be the best in IQ and personality testing and career assessment. Our tests are free and fast, but they also have to be scientifically valid and reliable. To achieve all of these goals, for the last ten years we have been using a special test development scheme that has been highly successful. It includes:

  • Using scientific literature as a theoretical basis for tests
  • Collecting massive amounts of empirical data to ensure representative sampling
  • Drawing upon the skills and experience of PhD level test developers
  • Generating valid reports through 'expert systems' based on empirical findings
  • And some other stuff we prefer not to say

If you have any questions, please contact us.