Online psychometric tests look deceivingly simple from a user’s perspective. Just answer some questions, click a button and voila, there’s a full and elaborate report, tailored to your uniqueness and often comparing you with thousands of others. This is exactly how we want it to be for you!

The underlying reality is that true psychometric tests are highly knowledge-intensive technological products, resulting from input from the full stack of psychology, psychometrics, webserver management, custom software development, textual interpretations, graphical representations, UX design and large scale data management. For almost 20 years we are doing just that.

Our entire team of experts, employees, freelancers, authors and associated companies guarantee that our tests are as easy and simple to use as you experience them to be, and reach well over 100.000 users globally. Reliably and valid. Every day.

Management and company owners

Dr Edwin van Thiel

As a founder of the 123test company, Edwin has seen the company grow from a mere 100 to more than 100.000 visitors a day. With a PhD in artificial intelligence (cognitive psychological research) and additional specializations in psychometrics and tests for the web he's an all-round specialist and author.

Leading 123test as CEO he enjoys strategy, as well as the push and pull of daily business management. He’s also a proud sponsor of the International High IQ Society as its president.

Bart Dekker

Bart holds a M.Sc. degree in Occupational Psychology and has been working on psychometric tests ever since he graduated. On the job he greatly expanded his knowledge of the full stack of online test development, never hesitating to take on any aspect of the matter.

As CPO he's responsible for anything product, which means that besides principal test development he mines a lot of data and guards product integrity.

Theo den Hollander

Having worked with different companies first, Theo (M.Sc. Software engineering) designed and lead the development of several smaller and largescale software architectures. At 123test he widened his expertise with respect to developing and hosting web-applications able to withstand high volume traffic, guaranteeing unrivaled uptime and website speed.

As CTO Theo is responsible for the entire technical backbone of 123test, i.e., the software product line, to ensure consistency, quality and productivity in it.