Cubiks Logiks Test

Cubiks is an international human resources consultancy agent specializing in conducting numerous psychometric tests according to its clients' specific demands. Cubik has offices in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America. Cubik's responsibility is to help organizations predict the performance of their workers and improve productivity.

What Are the Cubiks Logiks Tests?

Cubik Logiks tests are psychometric aptitude tests designed to assess the prospective employees' abilities, how they react in certain situations, and personalities. The Cubiks Logiks test is fair and non-discriminatory for all participants. Origin, experience, gender, or age has no bearing on the test. Everyone is tried equally. All candidates taking the same level of the Cubiks Logiks test face the same hurdles and questions.

What Tests are in Cubiks Logiks Test Collection?

The Cubiks Logiks test has five different tests for assessing participants. They are:

Cubiks Verbal Test

The test evaluates your comprehension skill and ability to utilize instructions. To pass this test, you have to understand and interpret written instructions quickly. You will get a paragraph followed by three multiple-choice questions. These questions will examine your understanding of the passage you read. You will answer thirty-six questions. You have 25 minutes to finish this test.

Cubiks Numerical Test

This test assesses your analytical and mathematical skills. To pass this test, be able to solve mathematical calculations. You will get 20 multiple choice questions ranging from simple and complex calculations to charts and tables. You have 25 minutes to answer these questions.

Logiks Abstract Test

This test assesses your logical thinking and analytical skills. You will get some diagrams. Your task is to choose the diagram that completes the set. These diagrams contain black and white shapes. You will get 30 collections of images to be answered in 15 minutes.

Cubiks Logiks General Intermediate Test

Cubik Logiks General Intermediate Test comprises of three sections: abstract, verbal, and numerical test. This test assesses the analytical, comprehension, and thinking abilities of participants. This Logiks test is fast-paced. You will be required to answer fifty questions in twelve minutes. That is four minutes per section. The verbal reasoning section comprises 24 questions, the numerical test section has 16 questions, and the logical test shall consist of 10 items.

Cubiks Logiks General Advanced Test

Logiks' general advanced test comprises three sections too. They are abstract, verbal, and numerical tests. The allotted duration for this test is twenty minutes. The time allotted to different areas differ. The verbal test consists of twelve questions. You will get eight minutes to complete this portion of the test. The mathematical test is a group of eight questions to test your skills. You will be given eight minutes to complete this task. The abstract reasoning consists of 10 questions, and you will get only four minutes to solve it.

How to Prepare for a Cubiks Logiks test

We shall discuss tips on scoring high in your Cubiks Logiks test.

  1. Pay attention to the instructions
  2. Time your practice sessions
  3. Focus on the easier questions first
  4. Do not leave a question unanswered
  5. Practice as many times as possible

Example Questions and Answers

Below are examples of the questions you should expect in a Logiks test. Question one and two belong to the verbal test, question three is a logic test, and Question four is a numerical test.

Question one

Pick the odd one in the list below
a. Dog
b. Goat
c. Elephant
d. Doll
e. Ostrich

Question two

Embrace - chastise

These words have
a. Similar meanings
b. Opposite meanings
c. Neither similar nor opposite meanings

Question three

If I have a car, then I have a bike.
If I have a bike, then I have a helmet.

It can be inferred from the above statements that
a. People that have a car have a helmet
b. People who have a bike have a car
c. People who have helmets have a bike

Question four

A flight passes over Amsterdam at 4:45 pm and Paris at 6:15 pm. Suppose the straight-line distance between these two cities is 450 miles. What is the average speed of the airplane?
a. 300mph
b. 450 mph
c. 675 mph
d. 525 mph

Preparing for the Cubiks Logiks Test?

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