Caliper personality test

Caliper is a talent management company that was created by psychologists Frank Warburton and Raymond Cattell. This company started its caliper assessment test in 1920. The test was initially used to assess recruits suitability for the military service in the United States. Today; the personality test is used for job recruitment, career progression, and personnel training.

What is a Caliper Assessment?

Caliper assessment test assesses every part of your personality. Employers use it to evaluate and gain insight into every aspect of your personality and cognition. It is a multiple-choice exam consisting of 180 questions. There is no pass or fail grade in this exam. It can be taken online or through the traditional pen and paper format.

This examination is not timed, but most participants finish the exam within two hours. You must answer all questions on the test for it to be assessed.

Can you prepare for the Caliper Test?

Yes, you can prepare for the caliper test. Preparation is vital if you intend to pass the caliper test and get shortlisted for your dream job. The Caliper test is quite challenging and tricky to scale. You need to prepare adequately for the test.

Attempt calipers test questions available online. Familiarize yourself with the exam format. Practice as often as you can to achieve your dream score. With good practice, you can pick options that reflect your true self accurately.

What is the Caliper Personality Test format?

The caliper personality test comes in paper and online formats. Both formats contain multiple-choice one hundred and eighty questions. Caliper uses different formats in asking their questions. In most questions, you will get four statements. Your responsibility is to pick which of these four sentences that best reflect your beliefs and work ethics.

In some questions, you will be asked to choose the statement that least represents your viewpoint. Some questions contain shapes, numbers, or letters; your task is to identify the sequence and logical arrangements. You are to determine the next component to complete the series.

How is the Caliper Test scored?

The Caliper test has no pass or fail score. It measures your personality traits. As such, your scores are indicative of specific personality traits. The four personality traits caliper measures are:

  • Persuasiveness or leadership traits: this measures certain characters such as ego, empathy, risk-taking, motivation, cautiousness, and aggressiveness.
  • Decision-making skill: this measures problem-solving skills like the originality of ideas and problem-solving skills.

    Time management skill: this measures personal drive and motivation an employee has to complete a task promptly.
  • Interpersonal skill: this measures empathy, skepticism, flexibility, and openness to people’s suggestions and ideas. It assesses people’s ability to function as part of a team.
  • Please note that there is no profile or trait characterized as wrong, but employers would choose the best person suitable for the proposed roles in their organization.

Which companies use the Caliper Assessment?

Caliper is used by numerous companies in different sectors for recruitment, job advancement, and training of personnel. Companies in medical, accounts, aircraft, and giants in the manufacturing industry used Caliper. Some of Caliper’s most prominent clients are HIDA, CHI Franciscan Health, J.J Taylor companies, Dassault Falcon Jet Corporation.

Preparing for the Caliper Assessment?


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