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We offer you many free, pro and demo IQ tests and aptitude tests. If you want to know your IQ score, practice for job assessment aptitude tests or just want to have fun with IQ tests, you are at the right place!

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Culture Fair Intelligence Test - Certified by the International High IQ Society

Our Culture Fair Intelligence Test (the fully revised version and successor of GIGI Pro Certified) is a proven culture free progressive matrices IQ test, capable of assessing intelligence into the top ranges. Learn more

Classical Intelligence test

Take our Classical Intelligence test which includes questions related to spatial intelligence, logical reasoning, verbal intelligence and math. Learn more

Practice for job assessment aptitude tests

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Below you find a selection of the aptitude tests most often used in assessments. By practicing aptitude tests online you will not be faced with unexpected questions and you will be more confident.

These free aptitude tests simulate real time test taking and subsequently show you how many questions you answered correctly, and explain the correct answers to all questions.

Logical reasoning test

Test your intelligence with this free logical reasoning test.

Numerical reasoning test

Practice for assessment tests with this free numerical reasoning test.

Verbal reasoning test

Test your verbal IQ with this verbal reasoning test.

Verbal reasoning test with analogies

Take this free verbal reasoning test using analogies. Best job test prep!

Verbal reasoning test with syllogisms

Practice for IQ and assessment tests with this free verbal reasoning test using syllogisms.

Inductive reasoning test

Test your inductive reasoning skills with this free online inductive reasoning test.

Deductive reasoning test with figures

Test your IQ with this deductive reasoning test using abstract figures.

Deductive reasoning test with numbers

Test your intelligence with this deductive reasoning test. Can you figure out the right numbers?

Spatial reasoning test

You can test spatial reasoning skills with this spatial reasoning test. You need to mentally fold a cube and decide which ones of the alternatives presented are correct and which one is not.

Mechanical reasoning test

You can test your mechanical reasoning skills with this Mechanical reasoning test. This test has questions regarding gears, pulleys and forces.

Diagrammatic reasoning test

Test your non-verbal reasoning skills with this diagrammatic reasoning test.

Logical reasoning diagrams

Test your non-verbal reasoning skills with this logical reasoning test using Venn diagrams.

Abstract reasoning test

Test your IQ with this abstract reasoning test.

Critical Thinking test

Test your critical thinking skills with this Critical Thinking test.

Number series test

Test your numerical intelligence with this numerical reasoning with number series test.

Inductive reasoning figure series test

Test your inductive reasoning and figure series solving skills with this free online inductive reasoning test with figure series.

Situational Judgement test

Measure your behaviour and attitudes to work-related scenarios with this free online Situational Judgement test.

Does practicing aptitude tests work?

Contrary to what a lot of people say, practicing IQ tests does really work. Practicing IQ, ability and aptitude tests is one of the best ways to prepare yourself for an assessment. Generally, any testing of intelligence or aptitudes uses at least a logical reasoning test, a numerical reasoning test and an abstract reasoning test.

So if you want to do serious job test prep or practice for an assessment, be sure to use these free aptitude tests or read more in general of What are aptitude tests?.

About our IQ tests

With our IQ tests we aim to be the number one central point on the web to take certified IQ tests, free aptitude tests and practice for IQ test assessment. If you like taking intelligence tests, practice IQ quizzes or want to know if you might qualify for membership of high IQ societies, you are at the right place.

We try to avoid cultural and language biases in our IQ tests to make fair and sound assessments across countries and continents. Verbal measurements of intelligence tend to favor native speakers strongly. Therefore our IQ tests generally focus on abstract logical reasoning only.

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