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By 123test team. Updated May 12, 2023

The numerical reasoning test is one of the most frequently used ability tests for psychometric testing. If you want to prepare for an assessment or do job test preparation make sure you check out our numerical reasoning practice.

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Numerical tests often involve straightforward calculations but can also consist of estimations and more global judgments. Numerical reasoning tests almost always make use of tables with data, graphs, diagrams and other visual representations of numerical data.

In the results of this free numerical reasoning test your answers, the correct answers and an explanation will be shown.

Instructions numerical reasoning test

In this test you need to answer eight questions about two subjects. Both subjects have information sources you need to use to identify the correct answer. You need to answer all eight questions, there is no time limit.


Purchasing gifts

Information source 1

Data from t3
Country Number of inhabitants
Number of gifts purchased per inhabitant Total amount
Germany 81 17 27,5
France 66 23 22,7
Netherlands 17 15 6,4
Sweden 10 13 3,9

Information source 2

Information source 3

Information source 4

Data t3
Gift type Spending of Germany
Spending of France
Spending of Netherlands
Spending of Sweden
cosmetics € 5,2 € 7,4 € 1,2 € 1
fashion accessories € 8,4 € 9,3 € 1,4 € 1,2
toys € 9,7 € 5,8 € 3,2 € 1,5
other € 4,2 € 0,2 € 0,6 € 0,2

A European survey shows that a lot of money is spent on buying gifts. How much did a Swede spend on average on the purchase of one gift in t3?


(Continue with information sources from question 1.)

Which country spent the most on gift purchases per inhabitant in t3?


(Continue with information sources from question 1.)

The inhabitants of which country gave the cheapest gifts on average in t3?


(Continue with information sources from question 1.)

As the economy picks up, an increase in the total amount spent on the purchase of gifts is expected in t4. This total amount rises with exactly the same percentage in all four countries. What total amount will the Netherlands spend on gifts in t4?


Ball pitt

Information source 1

An amusement park in Paris has a ball pit with 4,000 green balls, 2,500 red balls, 1,500 blue balls and 2,000 yellow balls.

At the end of each day about 16% of the total number of balls is outside the ball pit. These balls are picked up at the end of the day by the employee on duty.

The amusement park is open daily from 10.00 - 18.00 hours.

Information source 2

Information source 3

Data employee ball pit
Employment contract fixed
Number of hours 40 hours per week (1.0 fte)
Work day 8 hours per day excluding ½ hour break
Vacation 28 days a year
Hourly wage (net) € 11
Monthly salary (net) € 1906,67
Annual salary (net) € 22.880
Task description Supervision and maintenance of ball pit

Suppose that the number of balls outside the ball pit is evenly distributed throughout the day. How many green balls will be lying outside the ball pit at 12.00 hours?


(Continue with information sources from question 5.)

What does line 4 in the graph of Information source 2 represent?


(Continue with information sources from question 5.)

Assuming even distribution during the day, how many percent of the balls are outside the ball pit at 15.00 hours?


(Continue with information sources from question 5.)

What is the net cost per year for picking up balls when an employee picks up 60 balls per minute?

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