About 123test

123test® is a privately owned and independent company. For close to twenty years, we have been creating and publishing tests on the internet. Our tests are designed to help you find serious answers to your questions about IQ, personality, or career assessment. Tests published on 123test.com are not "marketing tools" used to sell you various products and services, or to obtain personal information, email addresses or résumés from you.

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Our story

We ourselves have also had our 'career moments'. It was the reason for us to start 123test. Good tests were highly inaccessible for individuals, we wanted to change that as well. Our story is also your story. Because we understand that, we try to make a test for every issue, of quality, free and in understandable language. Totally focused on your strengths as well. For extensive results we sometimes charge a fee. This is clearly indicated in advance, of course. Above all, we want the tests to be useful for you and to help you move forward. Hopefully you will tell others about us!

Our office is located at the Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands, we have a core team of owners/employees who run daily business combined with people from all over the world.

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Your privacy is guaranteed

As a highly experienced test publisher that specializes in online testing, 123test® is committed to safeguarding your privacy and we regard the protection of personal data as being fundamentally important to the operation of our business. We will never ask you to provide information that may identify you as a specific individual. An email address may be required when you choose to receive test results or a newsletter by email. Such email addresses are never used for any other purpose. Additional research questions concerning your educational level, age, and sex are not obligatory and may be skipped if you choose to do so. When you do provide such information, it is used solely for statistical purposes to improve our tests and services. We do not sell or share any of the information about you that is collected via our website.

You can also read our full privacy statement.

How 123test ® makes money

123test® makes money through the advertisements we display on our website. We may also offer more extensive reports which you can purchase if you choose to do so.Your visit to our website and all test results you receive freely are guaranteed to remain free of charge in the future. No strings attached. If you enjoy using 123test.com, we only ask that you help us grow by sending links to a test to your friends, family, and colleagues. That's the best "thank you", you can give us and we appreciate it greatly!

Tests are based on cognitive science

Our research staff is headed by Edwin van Thiel, PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Psychometrics, who is the co-founder and co-owner of the 123test Company. We aim to be the best in IQ and personality testing and career assessment. Our tests are free and fast, but they also have to be scientifically valid and reliable. To achieve all of these goals, for the last ten years we have been using a special test development scheme that has been highly successful. It includes:

  • Using scientific literature as a theoretical basis for tests
  • Collecting massive amounts of empirical data to ensure representative sampling
  • Drawing upon the skills and experience of PhD level test developers
  • Generating valid reports through 'expert systems' based on empirical findings
  • And some other stuff we prefer not to say

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