Preparation for an assessment

Below are the five most important points to keep in mind when preparing for an assessment.

  1. Practice. You may have heard people say there is no way to prepare for an assessment, but that is not true. If you practice the tests and assignments that are often used in an online assessment, you know what to expect, your speed will increase and you know what you should pay attention to. You could for example practice by taking the free IQ test. make use you understand what aptitude tests are, and practice aptitude tests to get familiar with them.
  2. Be well rested. A good rest may just be the most important preparation for an assessment. Make sure that you get a good night's sleep before the assessment. Also, in the morning take the time to get ready so you will not arrive in a hurry and exhausted.

  3. Trust yourself. Prepare well for the assessment but also trust your own abilities.
    Nerves can be killing when you are completing an assessment, and by trusting and believing in yourself you can largely keep them at bay. If you already think you will fail when you start the assessment you will not make a self-confident impression and you probably will fail.

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  1. Be present but not overwhelming. Be yourself during the assessment but do not exaggerate in being authoritarian and present. Of course attention will be paid to your ability to lead and express yourself clearly, especially in the case of management assessments, but do not forget to listen to what others have to say and respond to it. A forced presence and persistence can give an untrue impression.
  2. Do not underestimate it. Trust your own abilities, but do not think lightly about it. Appear well-prepared and groomed for the assessment and take all assignments seriously. If it is clear you are only making a halfhearted attempt, no company will ever hire you.

If you want to be well-prepared it might be a good idea to study the system of assignments, interviews and reports used for assessments. This system is called the assessment center.

Would you like to try cognitive assessment tests? We have many free ability assessment tests you can use to practice. Here are free examples of the ten most frequently used cognitive tests:

  1. Numerical reasoning test
  2. Verbal reasoning test
  3. Logical reasoning test
  4. Diagrammatic reasoning test
  5. Spatial reasoning test
  6. Inductive reasoning test
  7. Deductive reasoning test
  8. Mechanical reasoning test
  9. Critical thinking test
  10. Error checking test