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By 123test team. Updated May 12, 2023

Test your deductive reasoning skills with this short Deductive Reasoning test.

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Deductive reasoning is the ability to process statements and reach a logical conclusion based on those statements. Deductive reasoning questions are mostly verbal, but sometimes questions also include some numerical reasoning. A well known type of deductive verbal reasoning are syllogisms.

Instructions Deductive Reasoning test

Each question has premises in the form of a group of written lines of text, and a statement following that text. It's up to you to figure out if the statement is true, false or needs more information. Good luck!


1. Vehicles are either to the right or left of other vehicles.
2. Only Dutch vehicles are next to the German car.
3. The bus is two times bigger than the German car.
4. The Dutch bicycle is placed next to the Swedish truck.
5. The motorcycle has the same country of origin as the vehicles next to the German car.
6. The motorcycle is half the size of the German car.

Statement: The motorcycle is Dutch


(Continue with information from question 1.)

Statement: The motorcycle is eight times smaller than the bus


(Continue with information from question 1.)

Statement: The bicycle is half the size of the motorcycle


An art shop sells art supplies:

A tube of paint costs $1.50
A tube of paint covers 2 square feet of canvas
Canvasses are sold small or large: 1 feet by 1,5 feet or 2 feet by 3 feet.
The difference in cost of the two canvasses are relative to their size.
A beginners package discount consisting of one small canvas, one large canvas and four tubes of paint costs $22.
A beginners package discount is $4 cheaper than buying the art supplies separately.
Paint is not discounted in a beginners package.

Statement: Both canvasses can be painted with a beginners package


(Continue with information from question 4.)

Statement: Total tubes of paint are sold more through beginners packages than through separate sales.


(Continue with information from question 4.)

Statement: The cost of a separate large canvas is $14

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