Conventional personality type

A conventional personality type likes to work with data and numbers, carry out tasks in detail and follow through on the instructions of others. They are quiet, careful, responsible, well organized and task oriented. These individuals use their mind, eyes and hands to carry out tasks.

Conventional profession

Conventional personality type solves problems by following rules

This personality type solve problems by appealing to and following rules. They are task oriented and prefer to carry out tasks initiated by others, rather than being in a position of authority. Because of the attention to detail that a conventional personality type has, these individuals keep the world's records and transmit its messages.

Conventional personality type is neat and orderly

These individuals have a strong need to feel secure and certain, follow a routine, get things finished and take care of every detail. A conventional personality type is neat, orderly and practical, and enjoys working with data (facts, figures, and numbers) in structured settings. Take a free personality test to learn more about your work preferences and test personality.

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Possible occupations that fit a conventional personality type

Their occupations will frequently involve following set procedures and routines and working with data and details more than with ideas. There is usually a clear line of authority to follow. Some of the occupational areas that fit the conventional personality type are:


Organizing, arranging, accuracy and reliability, combined with creativity, creating and designing.

Typical occupations

  • Appraiser of antiques and art objects
  • Desk editor
  • Web editor
  • Proofreader, translator

Organizing, arranging, accuracy and reliability, combined with being entrepreneurial and influential.

Typical occupations


Organizing, arranging, accuracy and reliability, combined with research, solving and specializing.

Typical occupations


Organizing, arranging, accuracy and reliability, combined with working outdoors, animals, operating machinery, working with your hands, traveling, tackling work.

Typical occupations


Organizing, arranging, accuracy and reliability, combined with social activities like helping people or working together.

Typical occupations

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The Holland Codes were developed by psychologist John L. Holland. The conventional personality type is one of the six personality types in the Holland Codes. Many employers use this personality job test to screen potential hires. Find out more about your work preferences and personality type and take a free career test based on the Holland Codes now.