Profession Policy advisor

Policy advisor

Policy advisers develop and advise on policies guiding the design, implementation and modification of government and commercial operations and programmes.

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Personality Type

Tasks policy advisor

  • Review existing policies and legislation, e.g. to identify anomalies and out-of-date provisions.
  • Identify issues to research and analyze.
  • Research relevant issues, e.g. social, economic and industrial trends, client expectations of programmes and services provided, etc.
  • Develop, analyze and evaluate policy options.
  • Make recommendations for new policy.
  • Assess the financial implications and fairness of existing policies.
  • Liaise and consult with interested parties (e.g. programme administrators), e.g. to identify policy needs or to discuss policy options.
  • Write reports, prepare briefing papers and recommendations for policy changes.
  • Prepare speeches and presentations.
  • Prepare and maintain policy and procedure manuals.

Related professions civil service national

  • Diplomat
  • Government licensing official
  • Government property inspector
  • Government tax or excise official
  • Legislator
  • Policy or administration professional, all other
  • Political scientist
  • Regulatory government associate professional, all other
  • Senior government official
  • Senior non-legislative official

Source: Sisyphus ODB