Competencies and skills

What are competencies and skills?

What competencies and skills appeal to you?

Compare your competencies with those of others

Companies do competency management, you’ll be asked about competencies in a job interview, employees need to possess certain competencies. But what exactly does competency mean? What’s the difference between competencies and skills, capacities and personality? What competencies can be distinguished? Can you learn competencies or are they innate? And what competencies do I myself have? What am I good at and what am I not so good at?

Find the answers to the above questions and test your competencies and skills.

All about competencies and skills

In short, what it boils down to is that ‘competencies’ is an umbrella term for learnable skills and knowledge, a slice of innate personality and intelligence, and finally one’s motives. Hence some competencies are learnable and others are innate. Different competency lists exist. At 123test we’ve compiled the two most important competency lists for you.

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What skills and competencies appeal to you?

A plethora of different competencies and skills can be distinguished. But what skills and competencies appeal to you? There is a handy, free test on 123test that will enable you to determine what competencies and skills you deem most important.

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Calculate your strong competencies

The extended competency test report from 123test will enable you to immediately see how high you score on the 16 most important competencies in the field of work and career. Your scores will be compared with those of the working population. Ideal when it comes to preparing for a job application or performance review. And it will offer handy tips for development for each competency.

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