Competency test

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By 123test team. Updated April 19, 2024

Take this competencies and skills assessment test free and without registration. This skills test measures higher level soft skills or competencies that are tied closely to your personality. As such this competencies test or skill test has predictive value for many types of jobs and careers. This test is often combined with a personality test, career test and work values test to get a full self-assessment as part of career advice trajectory.

A free competency test to get great answers.

  • "What are my skills and competencies?" Compare yourself with others in the labor force
  • Assessment of the 16 most common and work-related competencies / skills
  • It takes only 12 minutes to complete this test

You get a free and reflective report ranking your competencies, subsequently you can also get a more extensive report with development tips for each competence. Know yourself to improve yourself!


Below you will find 155 statements. Please indicate the extent to which you believe these statements apply to you. Ensure that you are describing what you are like rather than what you want to be like.

For each statement there will be 5 possible answers from which to choose:

- - this statement does not apply to me at all / never applies to me
- this statement applies to me slightly / sometimes applies to me
-/+ this statement applies to me a fair bit / regularly applies to me
+ this statement certainly does apply to me / often applies to me
++ this statement applies to me completely / always applies to me

Don’t think too long about the statements; there are no right or wrong answers.

Filling in the questionnaire will take around 20 minutes. Try to do it in one go without interruptions. Please ensure that you are not disturbed.

All questions need to be answered.