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The Blance Careers

This aptitude test can help you gain insight into the careers that best fit your personality. It will help you learn what kind of work environments and occupations suit you best.

The Balance Careers

123 Career Test is a simple, five-to-ten minute assessment of your career personality. You simply look at pictures of people doing work-related tasks, and choose "yes" or "no" in regards to whether you could see yourself enjoying that task. 123 Career Test is based on Holland Code personality types, and will tell you which work environments and occupations best suit your career personality.

DISC is a leading personal assessment tool to improve work productivity, teamwork, and communication. It's a non-judgemental tool used for discussion of people's behavioral differences. And while the full assessment costs money, if you're looking for a budget-friendly one to do with your team (or just for fun) check out the free, limited version.


This site provides ten free personality assessments including a Big Five personality test, career test and DISC personality test

University of Southampton

Can you clearly articulate your work related strengths? This will show in your resume and interview. In this lecture we ensure you know what you strengths are. To get some descriptive words for your career related strengths go to:


Harvard Business Review
"First, get to know yourself. There are plenty of quizzes out there to measure the “Big Five” personality dimensions. Find one, take it, and get an objective sense of how agreeable you are.

Harvard Business Review

Take this personality test at to find out details of your personality traits.

Business Insider Australia

[if you have] Trouble with coordination and poor spatial reasoning. [You can take a free spatial reasoning for yourself at the website of 123test].


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