Work values test

Want to know what makes you happy or unhappy in your work and career? While some people are content with uneventful jobs, others thrive on action and excitement. With this free online work value assessment you can determine the work values you value most. Take this free work values test online right now and find out what truly motivates you.

This test answers questions such as:

  • Why did you make specific career choices?
  • What would be a good career move for you?
  • What are your talents?
  • What work value suits you best?
  • What work values will make you happy and successful?

This work values inventory measures career values similar to those in the theory of career anchors from Dr. Edgar Schein at MIT. Nine career values are identified: Wealth, Service/Dedication to a Cause, Entrepreneurial Creativity, Autonomy/Independence, Security/Stability, Power, Technical/Function Competence, Social Relationships, and Status.

The test determines your preferences for nine career values by forcing you to choose between them. It is sometimes difficult to make such a choice. This is especially true when you have to choose between two values you find either important or unimportant in your work. But you still have to make a choice. Just like in real life, you can't always have it both ways.

Work values test instructions

For each pair of job/personality characteristics or work values in the list below, choose the one which best fits your ideal job or you as a person. You have to select one, even if neither seems to apply.

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