Cognitive ability test

What is a cognitive ability test?

A cognitive ability test, or a cognitive test in general, is simply put a measurement of a mental performance. This can be a very specific one, such as solving a mathematical sum, or a very broad measurement such as determining someone's general intelligence.

Cognitive ability tests ...

  1. Call upon logical reasoning, either through induction or deduction, and general problem solving
  2. Measure abilities that will vary in the extent to which they are innate or learnable
  3. Deal with sensory perception, memory, learning and applying (acquired) knowledge

What are cognitive ability tests used for in assessments?

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The promise a cognitive test holds is that it predicts future job performance. It goes without saying that the better a cognitive test resembles tasks that need to be performed in a job, the better the prediction will be.

In general though, most cognitive tests will to some degree also predict other cognitive skills. So even when the cognitive abilities assessed seem somewhat inappropriate for a given job, chances are they still are valid predictors for it.

Do I need to practice ability tests?

Absolutely! Cognitive assessment tests are almost always learnable to a degree. Even aspects that are rather innate, such as processing speed, can be improved by practicing. When you understand the tactics, strategies, styles and instructions used in ability tests, you will score higher.

Would you like to try cognitive ability tests? We have many specific free ability assessment tests you can use to practice. Here are free examples of the ten most frequently used cognitive tests:

  1. Numerical reasoning test
  2. Verbal reasoning test
  3. Logical reasoning test
  4. Diagrammatic reasoning test
  5. Spatial reasoning test
  6. Inductive reasoning test
  7. Deductive reasoning test
  8. Mechanical reasoning test
  9. Critical thinking test
  10. Error checking test

Often used commercial cognitive ability tests

  1. CCAT - Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test - (primarily US)
  2. WPT - Wonderlic Personnel Test - (primarily US)
  3. PLI - Predictive Index Learning Indicator
  4. RCAT - Revelian Cognitive Ability Test - (primarily Australia)
  5. MMAT - McQuaig Mental Agility Test
  6. Cubiks Logiks
  7. GIA - Thomas International General Intelligence Assessment
  8. HBRI - Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory