Thomas International GIA test

Thomas International is a human resources company. The company gained prominence when they had adapted GIA test for use in recruitment purposes in 1993.

What is the Thomas International GIA test?

GIA test was developed originally for the armed forces. The test was made to assess the intellect of prospective recruits into the military. It was the backbone of the British Army Recruit Battery (BARB). GIA test was adapted into a psychometric in 1993 for Thomas international.

Recruiters use GIA to predict the potential of prospective employees. Employers can identify aspects of potential employees need improvement and personal development. High-flyers can be spotted for critical roles within the organization.

What can you expect from the Thomas International assessment?

GIA test is divided into five different parts. Each part measures specific cognitive skills in job seekers. They are:


This test assesses applicants’ short-term memory and how easily they can recall information. In this test, you will get sentences containing information; on the next page are questions relating to the sentences written on the previous page. You cannot go back to view the sentences once you change the page.

Perceptual speed

This test assesses your ability to spot inaccuracies and errors in a piece of the given information. You have to work fast to figure out the hidden patterns, similarities, and differences. You will get letters in upper and lowercase. Your task is to match the pair that completes the group.

Number speed and accuracy

This test assesses your quantitative skills. How comfortable you are with answering mathematical questions. You will get three numbers; your task is to find which deviates the most from the average

Word meaning

Your vocabulary and comprehension are being tested in this aspect. You will get a group of three words. Your job is to figure out the odd one out of the group.

Spatial visualization

This test assesses your ability to visualize outcomes. You will get two pairs of images contained in different boxes. Your task is to pick out the mirror image of the objects in the question.

How can you prepare for GIA test?

Doing well in your GIA assessment will improve your chances of landing your dream job. Recruiters also use it to predict high-flying candidates. Below are tips on how to prepare for the test;

  • Practice as much as you can before the examination: Use the free resources available online to help your practice.
  • Use a logical approach: try not to panic during the examination. Breathe and relax before starting the exam. Tests can be scored based on grades or speed.
  • Understand what is expected of you: read the questions thoroughly before selecting your answers.

Some example questions and answers

Below are examples of questions asked in the GIA assessment test

Pick the odd one out of the options below
a. Car
b. Blue
c. Bicycle

Which word is not related to the others in the options below
a. Knee
b. Wrist
c. Shoulder

Identify which number is farthest away from the middle in the options below
a. 17,3,42
b. 560,300, 10
c. 22,58, 67

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