IQ test usage

By the 123test team. Updated September 2023

IQ tests are used for different purposes and problems. They are used in:

  • Choice of profession and associated problems;
  • Staff selection;
  • Choice of school and study;
  • Clinical research into illnesses that negatively affect intelligence, such as dementia.

IQ tests can be so useful in these situations because good IQ tests have a predictive capacity. That means that the IQ is related to later successes in school, professional success, leadership qualities and creativity.

The general rule is that the higher your IQ, the better you will perform in school and in your career. Thus based on your IQ better choices can be made regarding your future.

IQ tests as the only predictors?

Although IQ tests are considered to be the best predictors of success, obviously there are other contributing factors such as personality, access to an extensive network and sheer luck. For example, if you are good at dealing with people, in most work situations you will perform better than someone that is clumsy in dealing with others, even though they may have achieved better IQ test scores.

Some even assume that an IQ that is too high, can work against you. People who have very high IQ test scores often tend to see others as slow and at times may come to feel misunderstood.

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