IQ test types

By the 123test team. Updated September 2023

Since the first intelligence test by Simon and Binet a lot of IQ tests have been developed. The following two IQ test types are commonly used worldwide:

These tests can be taken at a fee. There are a lot of free IQ tests available on the Internet or so-called 'real' IQ tests. These tend to be rather unreliable. You should not take their results too seriously. Often the creators are only after your email address or other personal data. They may be very useful however, if you want to practice taking an IQ test.On this site you don't have to worry about your privacy, it is highly guaranteed.

What do IQ tests measure?

The above IQ tests consist of different types of questions, each testing a different component of intelligence. Usually the following components are tested:

  • Verbal intelligence: the ability to understand, use and learn language. Quick understanding of text and a large vocabulary are indicators of a high verbal intelligence.
  • Numerical intelligence: the ability to calculate. Calculations are traditionally the most commonly used method of measuring intelligence.
  • Spatial intelligence: the ability to solve complex spatial problems.
  • Logical intelligence: the ability to reason.

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