Cut-e test

Aon acquired Cut-e in the year 2017. Since the acquisition, Aon has increased the Cut-e’s efficiency and reach. It is not uncommon to see Cut-e’s assessment, referred to as Aon’s assessment.

What is Cut-e?

Cut-e is a company acquired by Aon saddled with providing psychometric aptitude tests for recruitment purposes. This psychometric test can be either online or gamified. Cut-e tests candidates’ verbal, logical, and numerical skills. Each section lasts about twelve minutes. Cut-e/ Aon is fast-paced, and you will have to answer a series of questions within a short time frame.

What’s the goal of the Cut-e test?

The goal of the cut-e test is to measure the level of intelligence of job applicants as well as the personality and traits of potential employees. Cut-e’s goal is to help employers identify the best man for the job and weed out people who might exhibit counterproductive behaviors in the team.

What types of Cut-e/ AON assessment can you face?

Cut-e/Aon offers different types of assessments. Each assessment measures something different from the others. Cut-e/Aon is divided into two major types of tests. They are the Cut-e integrity and the Cut-e aptitude test. These assessments can be in the form of a game or a standard test version.

Cut-e Integrity Test

This test is for assessing counterproductive tendencies in prospective employees. This test identifies applicants who can be detrimental to productivity in the workplace. Predicators of such counterproductive behaviors are indifference, opportunism, boredom, superficiality, and ambiguity.

In this test, you will get several statements; your task is to decide how much the words apply to you. You will answer how much the information reflects on you on a scale. The scale has “holds less true for me than others” on the left, “Holds equally true for me and for others” in the middle, and “Holds more true for me than for others” on the right. You will decide which applies to you most in the given scale. This test also measures your reaction time: how long it took you to pick the option, which affects your overall score.

Cut-e Aptitude Test

The Cut-e aptitude test is also referred to as the scales test and consists of three assessment types. They are:

    1. Cut-e Verbal Ability Test: this test assesses the participant’s reading and comprehension skills. It measures how fast you can analyze and understand a set of complex written information. You will be given several short passages as part of your test. You will get statements after the passages. Your task is to determine if those statements are false, true, or you do not have enough information in the passages to make a logical conclusion.
    2. Cut-e Numerical Ability Test: this test assesses the participant’s ability to recall information and arrive at a logical conclusion based on data presented to them in the form of tables and charts. In this examination, the data in all charts and tables belong to one organization. They are organized such that only one part of the chart is available at any particular time. Statements inferred from the chart follow. Your task is to decide if the implied statement in the questions are correct, false, or cannot be ascertained based on limited information.
    3. Cut-e Logical Ability Test: this test takes about twelve minutes for you to complete. They assess the discovery ability and inductive reasoning of the participant. This test is mostly used for those applying for engineering and IT positions in the organization. The Logical test can come in inductive-cls-logic, deductive-lst- thinking, or inductive-ix-logic thinking method.

How to best prepare for Cut-e tests?

Like any exam, you should prepare as much as you can before going for the examination. Here are some tips on how to prepare for your test.

      1. Familiarize yourself with the assessment. Understand the rules and grading system. Points deducted for every answer you get wrong.
      2. Practice with sample questions available on the internet. Practicing will boost your confidence and make you more familiar with the way the exam is set.

Which companies use the Cut-e assessment?

A lot of organizations now use cut-e tests for recruitment into their organization. They include KPMG, Burger King, and PwC.

Preparing for the Cut-e Test?

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