Development assessment

A development assessment is also known as development center or potential assessment. The aim is to give advice on how an employee can further develop within an organisation.

The goal of a development assessment

A development assessment is never used just to obtain a verdict on suitability, as is the case with a selection assessment. It focuses on how you, as an employee, can further develop yourself. A development assessment often takes place having a certain position within the organisation in mind. The organisation you work for will gain a better understanding of your abilities and you will get to know more about your strengths and weaknesses It will show you in which areas you can further develop yourself.

Employers use development assessments to spot potential and talent in employees and to ensure that employees develop in a positive way. Any problems or weaknesses will be noticed by the assessment, so measures can be taken.


The components of a development assessment depend on the position(s) or the sector. Often ability tests will be part of the development assessment, and personality tests, in-depth interviews and role plays are used as well. Like the career assessment, these tests are not about testing suitability, but about understanding of you as a person and your areas of potential. You can prepare for this assessment too, for example by practicing the various components.

Assessment report

In the end the assessment report will advise you on how to spur your development. You will have the opportunity to inspect this report before it is sent to your employer and to object to results if you do not agree. Only if you agree, the report will be forwarded.

If a company is looking for someone in a management position, the emphasis will be on leadership qualities. Read more about the management assessment.