Assessment report

Following every assessment an assessment report is drafted. This report includes your results and any advice regarding your career and points of development. Being the candidate, you always have the right to inspect the report first. Then you can decide to give or withhold permission for forwarding the report to the employer.

Components of the assessment report

The assessment report includes results of the different tests that you have completed during the assessment. It will include the result of IQ and personality tests and background information on what these results actually mean. Scores you have achieved in assignments and role plays are also in there, and often the report will include a psychological analysis of your personality and character traits.

Assessment reports for development and career assessments in addition will extensively describe strengths and weaknesses and points of development. Generally these reports focus on issues that must or can be adjusted, and realising progress.

Forward or not

As a candidate you are entitled to be the first to inspect the assessment report. You can then review whether you agree with the outcome and if the results will have positive or negative consequences for you. Then it is your choice to give permission for forwarding the report to the (potential) employer. At this point you can also object to the report if you think that something in the assessment was not fair or correct.

You can always choose to not have the assessment report forwarded to the employer, but in the case of most selection assessments that means that you will not get the job. This shows you will have to carefully consider what to do if the results of an assessment are negative: do I go for it anyway or do I not want this to become public?

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