Common errors during assessments

Of course you want to achieve the best possible results in an assessment. It may help if you keep these commonly made assessment errors in mind, to avoid making them yourself.


A big mistake candidates often make is thinking "it's not a big deal". In an assessment a lot is expected of you and if you take it too lightly you probably will not achieve a good result. Take every assignment seriously and do not try to exaggerate your self-confidence and carelessness.


Take care of your appearance and dress appropriately. Always play it safe if you do not know what the dress code of the company is, then choose formal clothing. Dressing too casual is a mistake that is easy to prevent but still is made often.

Negative attitude

Some candidates are very negative about themselves and their accomplishments during an assessment and also have a negative attitude towards the company and the assignments. If you do not believe in it, you cannot expect the company to do so. It is also important to realise nobody likes to work with people with a negative attitude.

Show no initiative

Candidates that stoically suffer through everything and show no initiative in assignments and interviews, will leave a boring and uninterested impression. Show that you are a hard worker and like to take initiative.

Exaggerated presence

Not taking any initiative is never a good thing, neither is outvoicing yourself. Candidates often exaggerate in displaying initiative and showing they are active workers, resulting in obtrusive behavior. This makes a forced impression and impedes clear communication with others. Listen to what others have to say, take their opinions seriously and every now and then take the backseat.

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