Rights and obligations during an assessment

As a participant in an assessment you have a number of rights and obligations. Make sure you know them before you participate in the assessment.


The main obligation you have being the candidate, is to provide information truthfully if the information is relevant for the assessment. Of course it is not necessary to disclose all details of your private life; you do not have to mention issues that are irrelevant to the assessment. On issues like your work experience you must tell the truth.


Not participating in the assessment in case of sickness is one of your rights. Do not participate in the assessment if you are sick, because your performance may be affected. Call the company or the assessment company in advance to let them know you are sick and you will be able to do the assessment at a later time.

Professional assessment companies are almost always a member of a trade organisation. They work in accordance with specific codes, differing between organisations. Among other things the codes can for example establish that as a candidate you are entitled to inspect, discuss and block the assessment report. This means that you can prevent the report from being sent to your (potential) employer. Of course, in case of a selection assessment, this will certainly not improve your chances of getting the job. In the case of a development or career assessment, you will have to consider to what degree blocking the report because of bad results will affect your work situation.

If the assessment is conducted by an organisation member of a trade organisation, you also might have the right to submit a complaint after the assessment, if you think the assessment was not conducted in a correct way. It is always wise to request your rights and obligations regarding the assessment in advance of the assessment.

In addition to knowing what your rights and obligations are during an assessment, it is important to prepare in other areas as well. For example, have a look at the common errors during assessments.