Career assessment

A career assessment is often used in the case of internal reorganisations. It is used to advise employees on their career choices and to get the right people for the right positions.

The goal of a career assessment

The goal of a career assessment is to evaluate the qualities and talents of an employee. What are your strengths and weaknesses? What could you improve and which talents can you use in your career? What interests you and which job would fit you best? This way, an understanding of the talents present in an organisation is obtained and employees can be coached better in their career. A career assessment can also be used as part of an outplacement process.

Above all, a career assessment can help you with your career choices. It is intended not as much as a test of your abilities, but as a tool that will allow you, as the employee, to make the most of yourself and your career. Would you not like to know which job would fit you best? Try the career choice test. In addition, you can take this career values test, which determines what kind of corporate environment and corporate culture is the best fit for you.


The components of a career assessment are largely similar to those of a selection assessment, but they tend to be of a more career specific nature. Different cognitive ability tests will be part of the assessment, and often role plays are used as well. In his advice, the psychologist does not aim for a conclusion in terms of 'suitable' or 'not suitable', but talks about interests and competences.

Assessment report

The career assessment concludes with an assessment report that discusses the most important conclusions. The report gives a clear overview of abilities, interests and talents and constitutes a sound career advice for the candidate. As the candidate you will have the opportunity to inspect the report before it is sent to the employer, so you can object to the forwarding of the report.

To advise an employee on his development within an organization, companies also can use a development assessment.