Management assessment

In a management assessment the emphasis is mainly on leadership qualities. In this assessment the focus will be on issues like independence, delegating and communication.

The goal of a management assessment

By using a management assessment a company will get an understanding of the leadership qualities of an employee or candidate and an idea of how this person would perform in a management position. The management assessment is used in both external and internal selection procedures to enable a company to judge whether the candidate is suitable for the position in question.


In a management assessment you can expect largely the same assignments as in a selection or career assessment, but often it will focus more on matters related to leadership, such as delegating and defending the own position.

Initially your leadership qualities will often be tested using a personality questionnaire. Also, role plays are used to test how you respond in certain situations that will often come across being a manager. How do you respond if employees do not recognise your authority, or how do you deal with criticism on your policy?

Assessment report

In the end the assessment report will indicate whether a management position is a good fit for you. What are your weaknesses and how can they be remedied? The report will be forwarded to the employer, but not before you have had a chance to inspect the report and have given your permission. Do not forget that you can use the report's conclusions to your advantage, even if they are negative. You may not get that management position, but the results will tell you a lot about yourself and in what ways you could improve to become a good manager.


To prepare for a management assessment you can take some frequently used tests and do some exercises. Even if an assessment is not in your near future, these tests can help you gain a better understanding of yourself and your potential.

In addition to the different types of assessments companies also use online assessments. Read more about the online assessment.