Competences and skills

In an assessment the assessor will try to discover what your competences are. What are your skills and what are your talents?

Competences in a selection assessment

In the case of a selection assessment, certain competences are often required for getting the position in question. Do you have the competences necessary for this position? And what skills could you refine to better fit the employer's picture?

Development assessment and competences

In development and career assessments the indications of competences are used in a different way. Those assessments are more about surveying the situation and determining the skills the candidate has and how these can be mobilized even better. In these types of assessment showing your competences gives an indication of possible developments and how you could perform even better in a job. It gives companies a clear picture of the competences their personnel possess and suggests ways to improve efficiency and return.

Core competences

Your most important and distinguishing competences are often referred to as your core competences. Often these are greater competences such as decisiveness and entrepreneurship, and not smaller skills like being able to type blindly or being good in mathematics. Companies themselves also have core competences. By mapping these out companies know where their opportunities are and what they should focus on.

What are your competences?

In preparation for an assessment, but also to assist in for example the choice for an education or when changing jobs, researching your competences can be very beneficial. Our competency test can help you with this.

You can also prepare for specific exercises in an assessment. For example, read more about the mailbox exercise.