Assessment exercises

Assessment exercises can help you prepare well for the day of the assessment. This is a good idea, because the same rule applies to assessments as to other aspects of life: good preparation is half the battle.

Being your well-prepared self

It is often said that the best thing to do in an assessment is to be yourself, and that practice is useless. While being yourself is the best indeed, there is a lot of sense in practicing. You can still be yourself while being well prepared. Assessment exercises can even help you be yourself, as your nerves are less likely to act up during the assessment if you appear well-prepared.

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Assessment exercises mainly consist of psychological tests, intelligence tests and personality tests that are to be expected in the actual assessment. These assessment exercises will make you feel well-prepared and help you feel more more self-confident during the assessment. You will know a bit more about what is expected of you and you can anticipate the questions you will be asked. The best preparation for the intelligence test component is to practice. You could try the free short IQ test. For the personality test component, you can take several personality tests.

Take it seriously!

Take the exercises seriously when using them as preparation for an assessment. If you do not complete the tests seriously 'because they are just exercises', you will not be able to evaluate how you would perform during the actual assessment. Imagine therefore that it is 'for real' and take the time to perform the assessment exercises seriously, because only then will they give you a better understanding of yourself and your abilities.

That is what it is all about; getting a better understanding of yourself, your abilities and the areas you could improve upon. Employers evaluate these issues during an assessment, but you can use this mirror held up to your own advantage as well. Try to see the assessment and the exercises not as a test forced upon you, but as a tool that can help advance your career.

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