Creating an IQ test

By 123test team. Updated June 27, 2024

Do you want to come up with your own questions for an IQ test? This site offers a number of tips that can help you get started. You can also take our free IQ test for some inspiration.

Keep in mind though that coming up with interesting questions is not enough to appropriately measure a person's IQ. You will have to have a representative sample of the population take your IQ test. Only then you can:

  • Set the norms for your test, meaning you can determine which IQ corresponds to a specific test score.The average test score should reflect an IQ of 100.
  • Determine whether your test is valid. You have to ensure that your test measures a person's IQ and not something else (for example, how fast a person can complete a test). To accomplish this, you must have a representative sample of the population take your test, together with a commonly used and reliable IQ test. If there is a strong correlation between the scores for the two IQ tests, that is a strong indicator of validity.
  • Determine whether your test is reliable, meaning you can determine if the difficulty level of your test questions is similar and if they all measure the same concept.

In the next articles you can read more about coming up with the different types of questions that could be part of an IQ test:

These are just examples. In IQ tests you can also come across other types of questions.