Spatial intelligence: rotating shapes

By 123test team. Updated June 28, 2024

An IQ test can also have questions about shapes and figures. A well-known one is 'folding a cube'. You are presented with an unfolded cube. The question is what the cube will look like when it is folded. You can choose from a number of answers. This kind of questions asks you to mentally rotate figures and therefore relies on your spatial intelligence.

For example: Which of the 4 below cubes will be the result of folding this 'paper' together?

The correct answer is the right one with the star facing forward.

If you're up for an assessment that includes rotating shapes, practicing spatial reasoning can help you to improve your skills.

Want to come up with your own question to test spatial intelligence?

If you want to come up with your own question of this type, use a piece of paper to cut out the outline of the cube, fold it, draw a symbol on some of its sides and unfold it. That gives you the outline and the right answer. Next, ensure that the wrong answers are not too easy or too difficult to recognize.

The real issue is finding the right balance between difficult and easy when you create an IQ test that is supposed to measure spatial intelligence.

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