Korn Ferry Talent Q Test

What is the Talent Q Assessment?

Talent Q was established in 2006 by a small team of world leaders in objective assessments. Roger Holsworth leads this team. Roger is also the co-owner of SHL, another leading psychometric assessment tool. Roger’s team aims to develop a better approach to psychometric testing in the recruitment process.

Hay Group acquired Talent Q in 2014. Korn Ferry, a part of the Hay Group, administers the Talent Q assessment test.

What makes the Talent Q Logical Test different from other tests?

One of the founders’ goals for Talent Q is the development of a psychometric test like no other. The Talent Q logical test differs from other tests in the following ways:

Adaptability of the test to the candidate’s ability:

The test is designed to be adaptive. A candidate’s ability to answer the present question translates into the next question being more difficult than the previous ones. However, if the candidate is unable to answer the current problem, the nest question will be simpler than the last item. This adaptive testing is achieved through computer adaptive testing (CAT). CAT allows accurate result in the testing process.

The Inclusion of irrelevant data in the questions:

This is a deliberate attempt to throw candidates off the track. Candidates have to sieve through a vast amount of data to get the correct answer to problems and making guessing accurately less likely.

Designed to test participants ability to answer questions under pressure:

The testers agree that most people will get the answers to the questions if given sufficient time. To reduce the likelihood of such happening, candidates face multiple problems within a short time frame. This quick testing measures their ability to act under pressure and keep a level head.

Who uses the Korn Ferry Talent Q Test?

Korn Ferry Q test is becoming popular among organizations in the United States and beyond. Companies that use Talent Q test includes Ford, Citi, Virgin Atlantic, RBS, Royal Mail Group, and B&Q.

Which types of Talent Q Test are available?

Talent Q offers several different tests that will be explained below:


Dimension comes in a questionnaire form and assesses candidates preferences within the work environment, their work approach, relationship management style, and what energizes them. Their personality dimension generates a range of reports.


This assesses the verbal, logical reasoning, and numerical skills of candidates. The element test is useful in evaluating college graduates, managerial, and professional recruits.


This test is in the form of a questionnaire. The test assesses the values that motivate an individual. This can advise the employer on the suitability of the candidate to the organization and what position they should occupy.

Situational Judgement

It compares how a participant reacts under different circumstances to that of the role they are applying for. This test is useful when recruiting a large number of people in various positions.


Aspect test is divided into two, they are:

Aspect styles: this questionnaire assesses candidates' behavioral preference in the workplace. It compares their behavioral preference to that of the role they applied for.

Aspect ability: this assesses the numerical,verbal, and checking skills in participants. This test is useful for large scale recruitment.

How to prepare for the Talent Q Assessment?

Talent Q assessment is a psychometry test. It would help if you

    • Practiced as often as possible to familiarize yourself with the test.
    • Improve your verbal, quantitative skills, as well as your logical reasoning skills.
    • Remember to time yourself while practicing, work as fast as you can.

Preparing for the Talent Q Assessment?


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