An outplacement path could be offered to you if there’s no more room for you with your current employer due to restructuring or if you’ve lost your job after a labour dispute. Such an outplacement will entail you looking (with guidance) for a suitable new job that will fit in with your career.

Costs associated with outplacement

If your employer is no longer in a position to offer you work due to restructuring or a labour dispute, then he’ll fund the outplacement path for you. In this regard, a certain time frame will be set within which you’ll need to have found another job. If you fail to find another job within that time frame, then the outplacement path will cease and you’ll have to continue your search unassisted. When you’re let go, you’re often given a choice between an amount of money or an outplacement path. In such cases, a lot of employees go for the money, but that’s not always the right choice. Consider carefully what your chances on the labour market are before turning down the outplacement. After all, it could give you some serious help finding a new job.

Details of an outplacement path

An outplacement path comprises various components. It will frequently start by exploring the labour market and seeing what kind of job you’re looking for.

Your career, personality and preferences are extremely important factors in this regard. Which is why a career test is pretty much always part of the path, as are personality tests, work values tests and a personal SWOT analysis. These will enable you to start by finding out what it is you want and what you’re good at.

Next you’ll start your search for vacancies based on your wishes and what’s within your capabilities. You’ll be guided in this search by the outplacement consultant. The outplacement bureau will provide you with Internet access and help you to find good vacancies on the Internet. In addition, the bureau will often have contacts in major employers and recruitment agencies too. You’ll cast a critical eye over your CV and if needed draw up a new one with the aid of the consultant, and you’ll be given training on applying for jobs as well as help with writing letters.

Where a person has been unemployed for a more protracted period of time or is unable to work, it would be sensible to commence a reintegration path once he/she is looking for work again. Read more on reintegration.