You could find yourself engaged in a reintegration process if you’re unemployed and on benefits, though also if you’ve become unfit for work and therefore no longer capable of working. Your reintegration is the entire process en route to a new job and a new position on the labour market.

Components of a reintegration trajectory

It’s important for the reintegration process to be based on your own personality, talents and work experience. It first needs to be established who you are and what you want, and above all what you’re capable of. Often, a reintegration coach will do this on the basis of personality tests and a profession choice test. Additionally, he’ll talk with you a lot on what you expect of a job and what you’d prefer to do.

Next it’s time to take action. This means looking for suitable vacancies and applying. The process also devotes attention to drawing up a good CV and a persuasive covering letter. What’s more, you’ll also be given training on applying for jobs.

If you’ve already got a job but have doubts about whether it’s right for you, you might wish to consider a career switch.