Career tests

Career tests can help you to make career choices. The tests give you a greater degree of insight into yourself and what you want. Who are you really and what would suit you? And what do you deem important in your work?

The various choices you’ll be faced with in your career aren’t always easy. After all, choosing a particular profession or choosing to have a career switch aren’t snap decisions. So prepare thoroughly for each choice and research your options. Above all, it’s important in this respect to know your own personality, interests and competencies and skills.

Interest test

At the start of your career or in the event of a career switch it’s important to know what your interests are. Usually you’ll have a fair idea already of what these are, but an interest test can help you to gain a clearer picture of the things that interest you. These interests can provide you with some guidance when it comes to making important career choices.

Personal SWOT

Doing a personal SWOT analysis will tell you where your strengths and weaknesses are and what your threats and opportunities are on the labour market. This will provide you with plenty of useful information for carving out your career.

Competency test

A competency test looks at what you can do. You can use these skills in your work, meaning your competencies are a significant factor in your career.

Work values test

Your work values reveal what you consider to be important in a job. Would you rather work outdoors or would you prefer to be in an office? And do you want to work irregular hours? The work values test reveals what you deem important in your work, thereby giving you an indication of what it is you’re looking for in your career.

This and many other career tests besides will help you to get a grip on your career and gain an understanding of what it is you want.

Aside from taking tests to find out what you want, you can also enlist the help of an experienced advisor. Read more on career advice.