Choosing a company

Choosing a company is an important factor in your enjoyment of your work. After all, besides being content with the profession or industry you’re working in, choosing the right company is important for your job satisfaction too.

Incidentally, choosing the right company might also mean becoming self-employed, i.e. starting up your own business or becoming a freelancer.

If you start applying for jobs, it’s sensible to bear in mind the type of company you’d like to work in and make an informed choice of company.

What do we mean by choice of company?

Choice of company is all about the type of organisation you’d like to work in. Would you rather work in a small firm or a large multinational? And would you like to work in the public or private sector?

Choice of company and its importance for your job

Choice of company is a detail often overlooked when it comes to searching for a new job or a career switch. Careers advice only deals with the profession and the industry, even though choice of company is extremely important too. No two companies are the same, and they all have different atmospheres and different work values, which can have a considerable effect on one’s enjoyment of one’s work.

Test your choice of company

Gaining an understanding of where you’d most like to work and what kind of organisation would suit you will make it easier for you to make the right choice when it comes to finding a company where you feel at home. A company choice test can help you in this regard. Based on questions on your work situation and how you prefer working with other people, this test will reveal what kind of company would suit you.

Make sure you also think about the company you’re applying to when it comes to applying for a job. A job could seem perfect for you, but if you’d rather not work for a big company and the job is with a major multinational then you’d be better off looking elsewhere.