Applying for a job

By 123test team. Updated July 5, 2024

Applying for jobs is an art. Once you know what kind of profession would suit you and you’ve scrutinised your position on the labour market, you can really set to work on applying for jobs, and it’s important to do this well if you’re to get your dream job.

CV and cover letter

Applying for jobs starts with drawing up your CV and writing a cover letter. See to it that your CV looks good and that it presents all your most significant work experience, education and training. And don’t forget to include other experience, such as long trips, volunteer work and courses. Provide sufficient explanation for courses and work experience to ensure that it’s clear what exactly you learned and what kind of experience you’ve got. Nowadays there are some great ways to create a CV online and easily save it.

Above all, your covering letter is a statement of your motivation. Ensure that it’s clear why exactly you’re wanting this job and why the employer should pick you. Why does the job pique your interest and what seems enjoyable about it? And what skills and talents do you have that are important for this job?

Applying ‘live’

Once your CV and covering letter have worked their magic you might find yourself being invited to interview. And then the trick is to convince the employer of your personality and suitability for the job. Above all, make sure that you’re able to clearly explain why you want the job and why this role fits in with your skills and experience. Know what’s on your CV and what the details are. You won’t come across as a credible candidate if you yourself aren’t entirely sure of what your education or training involved, for instance. Show an interest in the role and the company and demonstrate that you’re motivated to start work.

Ever more often you will be faced with an automated or virtual interview. You will have to answer standardized questions over a webcam, the video recordings of this are subsequently analyzed by either a human being or an artificial intelligence. You should prepare yourself with virtual interview practice online.

It could be worth doing a job application test to scrutinise your own skills when it comes to applying for jobs. This will help you find out what you’re doing well and where there’s room for improvement. Things still not working out for you? Then consider job application training.

Another topic related to your career is the extent to which you’re happy with your work. Read more on job satisfaction.