Virtual Interview

By Dr. Edwin van Thiel

Updated on October 16, 2023

The present-day job market is such that automated systems—through virtual interview software—could decide whether you deserve a job position! Read this article to get useful video interview tips that will help you succeed at your next virtual interview. You can even take free automated online virtual interview practice instantly.

Not many people find all of these automations-friendly, but it's the reality of the current AI hiring industry. Besides, a virtual interview in itself is not new. Though the use of Artificial intelligence (AI) recruitment robots might be a new concept, it's primarily a way of automating what recruitment teams have been doing manually. You should also do what you always do, prepare yourself.

What is an AI Video Interview?

An AI video interview is a system designed and embraced by the most prominent employers to assess large volumes of applicants and it's how you—as an aspiring employee—get to prove your worth.

The system uses a cellphone or computer camera to record an (interactive) interview, and subsequently, or even on the fly, analyzes this data about the candidate. Think of things like choice of words, facial expressions, specific answers given and tone of voice. It then generates an employability score from this data analysis and ranks it against other applicants.

Why is AI Video interview so popular?

According to research results, more than 100 employers have, so far, used the concept on millions of job applicants. Consequently, some universities have started training students on how to be smart at video interviews and how to impress any hidden AI algorithm.

The reasons the system has this much popularity are not far-fetched. Studies have shown how the use of AI recruitment robots helps companies and recruitment teams. It simply helps to save costs and the time taken to assess and decide on new hires. It really reduces the workload on recruitment teams during the recruitment process. Additionally, it's argued that interview software actually reduced bias too.

Especially in preselection when companies are often faced with thousands of applicants for only limited job openings, automation through AI virtual interviews is what prominent companies find as the best option.

How does the Artificial intelligence Hiring System Work?

The artificial intelligence hiring system has changed the way companies discover, develop, and hire talents. By merging video interviews with predictive and validated occupational science, such as personality tests and checklists, the artificial intelligence system augments human decision-making in workers' hiring process.

Therefore, when you submit your CV to a company that engages in an artificial intelligence system, what happens is that; the employers make use of video interviews to analyze your data points and that of thousands of other applicants. The determining factor for you and other candidates is your speaking voice, facial movement, and word selection.

The system automatically gathers data in these areas and creates an estimate of your skills, behaviors, personal stability, attitudes and willingness to learn. The general idea is that the system—using the information generated about you—compares you against existing success stories and predetermined qualities of the job position.

Top 10 Tips to Make the Best out of a Video Interview

The idea of trying to impress a hidden AI algorithm may be daunting; however, it isn't as challenging as it may seem. Below are top ten video interview tips to ensure you're prepared for your next virtual interview and also boost your chance at success;

  1. Check Your Tech
    Since it is a digital interview, you'll need more tech devices. Ensure everything—your phone, computer, and other devices you need—run smoothly before the digital interview. If the interview requires that you download some app or software, do that in advance. Do a soundcheck and be sure you're comfortable and meet up with video and audio requirements.
  2. Clear and Clean your Space
    If you take the video interview in the comfort of your home, you need to check the environment and make sure it's good enough for such a purpose. Would there be any distracting noise around you? Could you do something about it? You might also want to ensure the environment is clean and conducive, especially areas within the camera reach.
  3. Follow the Interview Instructions
    Most employers send in a couple of correspondence in advance. It's usually in the emails that you know what you need in preparation for the interview and during the process. You'll need to go through each correspondence before attending the interview. Pick out details from each letter or email sent to you and work on them accordingly.
  4. Communicate in Advance
    You'll need to also communicate with the recruiters and give a pre-warning about you and things that would impact the interview. For example, if you have a health challenge—such as a cold, catarrh, or cough—that may directly affect the interview, tell the recruiter about it in advance. If you have any disability, it's crucial that you also let the recruiting team know about it.
  5. Take Your Time to Get Ready
    You have to treat the virtual assessment the same way you'll do if you're to attend in person. There's the possibility of becoming complacent because you'll take the interview in your comfort zone, but that shouldn't be the case. Plan your time correctly, set a reminder of the date not to get caught appearing late. On the interview date, be available minutes before the commencement of the interview and connect the URL like five minutes in advance.
  6. Dress to Impress
    How would you have dressed if you were to attend the interview in person? That's the same way you'll need to dress for a virtual interview. Therefore, you need to dress to impress. Putting on professional and smart attire is not negotiable. Put in the effort to select your outfit as if you're attending a physical assessment center.
  7. Be Generous with Smiles
    One of the criteria the AI assessment system will use in generating your employability score is your confidence level—as revealed in your smile. Therefore, build a good rapport, maintain a positive outlook, keep eye contact, and watch your body language. These factors—when well managed—contribute to an excellent employability score.
  8. Keep Focus and Avoid Distraction
    Distractions will take away your focus, which in-turn, affects your overall performance. That's why you have to take care of all forms of distractions in advance. Keep your pets away during the time of the interview, inform family and housemates about the interview, and request that they stay away during the time. Also, put your phone and other devices on silent. In summary, cut off anything that can be a distraction to you.
  9. Deal with Anxiety and Remain calm
    The chances are that some unplanned circumstances will pop up during the interview. When stuff like that happens, don't panic. During the process, if you lose your internet connection, calm your nerves down. Remember to get a backup ready and switch over when there's a need for it. Also, keep the recruiter's contact details and call them to give an update on the situation.
  10. Your Day
    In addition to being calm, learn to take a deep breath and enjoy the process. Even if you don't do well in your test, take the process as a learning experience—it is not the end of you—pick one or two lessons from it and move on to the next one. What this kind of resolution does is that it boosts your confidence level and eventually lets you do well in the virtual interview.

In Conclusion

Virtual interview in an AI hiring industry is more about your confidence than what you know. Remember, the recruitment chatbot will be your scorer, and by design, the software will pick more of your body language in terms of your voice, smile, and facial expression. Therefore, if you're able to work on your confidence level, you would have—to a great extent—mastered how to impress virtual interview software.