Ramsay test

Ramsay corporation was established in 1973. It is a leading human resources corporation. Ramsay specializes in the development and design of the aptitude test for people in technical, operational, and maintenance positions. They are a leader in the field of recruitment of employees in mechanical and maintenance roles.

What Is the Ramsay Mechanical Aptitude Test (MAT)?

Do you dream of landing a mechanical or maintenance role in an organization? You will most likely face the Ramsay mechanical aptitude test in the recruitment process. Ramsay corporation released its first mechanical aptitude test in 2004. Since then, several versions have been released. The latest aptitude test in use is Ramsay MAT-4.

Which Ramsay Mechanical Test will you take?

Ramsay mechanical tests are a group of pre-employment tests administered to job applicants. There are over three hundred mechanical tests, but recruiters commonly use three Ramsay mechanical tests. The test you will take depends mostly on the role you are applying for in an organization. Applicants for entry-level positions and apprenticeship face Ramsay MAT, applicants for journey-level jobs take Ramsay MecTest and Ramsay MultiCrafTest.

Ramsay MAT

This test is for entry-level or apprentice mechanics, millwrights, and maintenance workers. Candidates are tested on their knowledge of mechanics. There are thirty-six multi-choice questions and the time limit is twenty minutes. Problems in this test are all from mechanics.

Ramsay MecTest

This test is for applicants in journey-level maintenance and repair positions. Mechanical knowledge is tested with sixty multiple-choice questions. This test is untimed. You get fifteen problems in hydraulics and pneumatics, seven in welding and pumps sections each, four items in print reading and lubrication each, five questions in power transmission, ten questions in mechanical maintenance, and shop machines has eight questions.

Ramsay MultiCrafTest

This test is also for applicants in journey-level repair and maintenance jobs. Mechanical and electrical knowledge of candidates is tested. Sixty multiple-choice questions are asked. This test is also untimed, but it is recommended that you finish within one hour. Seven items are asked in hydraulics and welding each, twelve questions in power transmission, nine on pumps and schematics segments each, digital electronics and Basic Ac/Dc has eight questions each.

How to prepare for the Ramsay Assessment?

  1. Familiarize yourself with the questions. Go through sample questions online, learn how they set their questions.
  2. Practice! Practice! Practice mechanical reasoning! There is no substitution for practicing. Practicing is the only way you can genuinely familiarize yourself with the way questions are set. Go through the questions you got wrong to learn where you made mistakes.
  3. Brush up your knowledge of relevant aspects of the examination. Read for your examination.

Which companies use Ramsay tests?

Numerous companies in manufacturing, mechanical, maintenance and industrial sectors use Ramsay mechanical test in the recruitment of employees. These companies include Cintas, GM, JLL, retail giants such as Amazon and Walmart, Manufacturing companies such as Coca-Cola, Johnson Johnson, and Volvo.

Some example questions and answers

Which of the following valve is used when a precise low flow is desired?
a. Needle
b. Check
c. Gate
d. A and C

Which is hotter after two minutes in an oven?
a. Toast
b. Pie

Preparing for the Ramsay Assessment?


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