Free career choice tests

There are many career choice tests online on the internet. The quality of these tests differs greatly, mainly because free tests are less inclined to offer quality than career choice tests you have to pay for. It is important not to blindly trust the result of just every free career choice test.

How reliable are free career choice tests?

There are some pointers regarding the reliability of free career choice tests. For instance, the length of the test is important. In order to assess your personality and work preferences, quite a large number of questions is needed. A career choice test of only ten questions can never give a reliable career choice advice.

The origin of a free test also tells you a lot about its reliability. If the test is clearly developed for commercial purposes and there are advertisements for certain products in the test, the purpose is obviously not giving you fitting career advice.

Free career test

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Why take a free career choice test?

Even though most free tests are a lot less extensive and professional than career choice tests you have to pay for, it can be useful to take such a test. The result does give you information about yourself and an indication of where you should look to find your ideal job. As long as you have a critical look at the result and understand that your choice for a profession or education should not rely on one free career choice test, the result might be valuable to your career choosing.

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