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By 123test team. Updated June 4, 2024

You can choose to take a professional career choice test if you are looking for serious advice. Such tests give you a better insight of your personality and talents because the results are detailed. Good career choice tests are made by professionals who often have a psychological background. Look for that if you decide to take one online.

Good career choice tests: how to recognize them?

A professional career choice test gives you an extensive result and a clear explanation. How was this result constructed and what does it tell you? Amateur tests often give you a very random broad description that does not really help you. Professional career choice tests clearly tell you who you are and what professions may suit you. They give you clear and distinct career advice to shape your future.

A good career choice test also has a reference group with which you are compared. Cultural differences often may strongly affect the personality of a person, career choice tests made by Americans or Englishmen may give different results for Dutch people. Furthermore, tests should be focused on the correct labor market. Otherwise, employment positions and suggested job sectors may not fit well.

Another indication of a good career choice test is the length of the test. A test of only ten questions can never collect enough information for giving the participant a good career choice advice.

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In order to give a genuinely good career choice advice, several things are important. Your interest for specific activities, your actual behaviour and your work values and motivations. This professional career choice test measures values based upon six types: Social, Conventional, Artistic, Entrepreneurial, Realistic and Investigative. Based upon the scores on these six dimensions, advice is given on professions that suit you.

It is important to realize that all aspects of the test results tell you something about your personality. You may score high in the Artistic segment but also in the Social one. Then, a profession in which these two characteristics are combined would be the best choice for you. So don't just think that when you score high on 'Artistic', you can only become a designer. After all you are also very social. Thus, it might be a good idea for you to do something Artistic that includes working with people. Entertainment might fit in this specific example.

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