Career choice tests

The choice for a profession is often a hard one to make. A lot of people have difficulty with the abundance of choices and an excess of interests. We then notice that we do not know ourselves as well as we think, which sometimes makes it hard to determine what really suits us.

Luckily career choice tests help you make a choice. They cover your interests, talents and personality and determine what would be the best profession for you.

Kinds of tests

Often career choice tests are based upon statements. For each statement you indicate how much it suits you. Sometimes you will also have to choose activities that appeal to you the most. By doing so, these tests determine whether you are creative, technical or more analytical.

Free career choice tests

Different career choice tests are available, not all of them equally good. A lot of the free tests are very short and sometimes rather amateuristic. It is impossible to base an advice on just a couple of questions, simply because a few questions cannot tell enough about your talents and preferences. Sometimes the tests were not made by professionals and the results are very predictable, you could have guessed them yourself. A lot of them are clearly targeted at saving your personal details or presenting you with advertisements.

Nonetheless, there are free career choice tests that can give you an insight in the career choice that suits you the most. Even though these tests do not give you a detailed result, they give you an indication of what suits you and which direction you should explore further.

Professional career choice tests

Paid career choice tests are more professional, extensive and provide a better understanding of your result. These tests were made by professionals that often have a psychological background, resulting in questions that were asked so that they actually say something useful about what suits you. You can try a professional career choice test. This test is valid and reliable, although free.

Besides career choice tests, there are also interests tests, which will help you find out more about those things you look for in a job.