Kenexa Aptitude Test

What is Kenexa?

Kenexa, a company owned by IBM, organizes a psychometric aptitude test. Numerous companies use it while recruiting employees, retaining existing employees, retraining recruited employees, and managing employees' talents. Kenexa test provides various organizations across the globe with a psychometric aptitude skills test used as part of their recruitment process.

Kenexa also provides a means of assessing current employees in an organization. Kenexa Interview builder is used by recruiters across the globe to generate structured questions to ask applicants during a job interview. Job applicants in America, Asia, and Europe are likely to encounter Kenexa psychometric test during their recruitment processes.

What is the Kenexa Aptitude Test?

Kenexa offers aptitude tests that assess the applicant's cognitive ability, personality, and behavioral skills. The cognitive parameters tested by Kenexa are logical, numerical, and verbal reasoning. The Kenexa personality and behavioral test determine if an applicant has the right disposition for an organization's available position. Kenexa assessment can be used for various posts in various industries such as the financial industry, software companies, healthcare, and technology industries.

The company has over 1500 assessments to serve its clients' needs. Some of Kenexa aptitude tests include;

  1. Advanced reasoning test: the psychometric abilities of applicants are tested with Advanced reasoning tests. It assesses numerical (NRT) and Verbal (VRT) ability in candidates.
  2. Career fit: career fit is a personality competency test. It determines the applicants' weaknesses, strengths, and workplace practices. It helps recruiters determine if the available position is the right career fit for the applicant.
  3. Culture fit: this test is designed to evaluate prospective employees' workplace values. It compares the workplace values of the prospective employee with that of the organization or team. If it matches, the prospective employee becomes an employee.
  4. Job fit: this is used in the early stage of recruitment to identify candidates whose job preference aligns with the available position.
  5. Kenexa Performance Indicators (KPI): this tool predicts a candidate's likelihood to fit into a team. It compares the team's needs with the candidate's ability.
  6. Kenexa Prove it: this platform contains over one thousand individual tests. The tests range from Microsoft office to personality tests.

Kenexa aptitude test comes in any of the following formats:

  1. Exception tests: the exceptional test format is used in typing or data entry assessment. The goal is to calculate how many words a candidate can type or how much data a candidate can be enter per minute.
  2. Interactive Assessments: this is a simulation of the environment of a desktop application. The candidate gets a task in each question. The candidate must successfully carry out the job to get a correct score.
  3. Multiple-choice: each question comes with two to five options with only one correct answer. Multiple-choice tests can contain audio or images.
  4. Sample test: this test assesses the writing, translation, or coding skills of a candidate. The success of the candidate in this test is subjective to what the examiner wants. Being a good writer does not guarantee your success in this test.

What companies use Kenexa?

Over two thousand companies all over the world use Kenexa. Most companies using Kenexa are in computer software, health and wellness, and retail businesses in the U.S. These companies often have over ten thousand employees and generate over one billion dollars in revenue. Some of the companies are listed below;

  1. Olive Garden
  2. Protégé Partners LLC
  3. Integration International Inc.
  4. U.S. Security associates
  5. LongHorn steakhouse
  6. Area Temps
  7. ABTEL Universal technology
  8. The Royal Bank of Canada
  9. NCO Group. Inc
  10. Mercer Bradley

How to prepare for your Kenexa Assessment?

  • Practice as much as you can. The more you practice for this exam, the better you get at solving questions. You will be able to recognize patterns in the problems more quickly.
  • Focus on your weak parts, if you are eloquent in English or a native English speaker but quite terrible at numerical reasoning. It would help if you practiced more numerical reasoning questions.
  • Read all instructions carefully before answering any question. Instructions can be very tricky. You should follow all instructions carefully to succeed in your test.

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