Components of an assessment

During an assessment you may be confronted with different components. Most assessments are largely similar and consist of the same components. For example, an IQ and personality test will almost always be part of the assessment, as well as practical simulations.


The most important and most frequently used test in an assessment is an IQ test.

Often they take the form of a number of tests focusing for example on language, logical reasoning, arithmetic and geometry. The components depend on the position the assessment is conducted for. You can practice by taking this free IQ test.

A personality test often also is part of an assessment. By answering questions about situations you might encounter, your personality is evaluated.

Practical simulations

A number of different practical simulations can be conducted. Typically they simulate situations you might find yourself in when performing your (future) job. In the case of an executive position, an assessment interview with an employee could be conducted. If the position entails regular presentations, chances are you will have to give a presentation during the assessment.

Exercises and assignments

Different exercises and assignments can also be part of an assessment. Especially in selection assessments you often will get an assignment that will show whether you have the right qualities for the position, for example the mailbox exercise. In this exercise you sort a stack of received mail and, as far as time permits, deal with part of it. Fact finding is another frequently used tool in an assessment. In this exercise you have to find more information about a topic on which you are given only limited data.


At least one interview will be part of the assessment. These interviews are conducted by an HR staff member of the company in question or a psychologist. An assessment interview can be compared to a job interview but often will deal more in depth with your personality and strengths and weaknesses. The present-day job market is such that automated systems—through virtual interview software—could decide whether you deserve a job position! Our virtual interview article has useful tips to succeed these kind of interviews.

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