Saville Assessment

Saville Assessment is a Willis Towers Watson company. The company was founded by Peter Saville, who is also a co-founder of SHL. Peter is an internationally renowned consultant psychologist in recruitment. Many companies across the world use Saville psychometric assessment for shortlisting and hiring the best candidates for the job.

What are Saville Assessment tests?

Leading employers all over the world use these assessment tools in recruitment into various positions within their organizations. Saville assessment has a striking resemblance with SHL since both companies are co-owned by the same man. The Saville assessment test varies according to the professional level of the test-taker.

What are the main Saville Aptitude test formats?

Saville has two main test formats. They are;

Swift Aptitude test:

this is the short combined version of the aptitude tests. The test duration is less than thirty minutes, and it can only be done online. Below are the types of swift aptitude tests offered to prospective employees.

  • The Swift Executive Aptitude Test: this test assesses the critical reasoning of applicants through numerical, verbal, and diagrammatic tests. This test is designed for top managerial staff and professionals. You have six minutes to answer each section of the test.
  • The Swift Analysis Aptitude Test: measures the numerical, verbal, and diagrammatic abilities of managers, young professionals, and graduates. You have six minutes to answer each section.
  • The Swift Technical Aptitude Test: this exam assesses the critical reasoning and cognition in high-level managerial staff. This test only comprises of the diagrammatic section, and you have four minutes to complete this test.
  • The Swift Comprehension Aptitude Test: This test assesses the numerical and verbal skills of applicants seeking commercial, customer, and administrative roles in any organization. Applicants get four minutes for verbal and numerical skills and ninety seconds to check for errors before submission.
  • The Swift Apprentice Aptitude Test: this test assesses apprentice and entry-level workers' verbal and numerical skills in an organization. You have four minutes to complete the verbal, numerical, and diagrammatic aspect of the test, while you get three minutes each for the mechanical and spatial part.

Single Aptitude test:

this is the more extended version of the Saville aptitude test. It usually lasts longer than thirty minutes and can be done online or offline. One aspect of the Aptitude test is generally focused on rather than combining them like Swift Aptitude Test.

What are the six different kinds of Saville tests?

There are six Saville aptitude tests. They are;

  1. Numerical Aptitude: this test measures your analysis and interpretation of graphical and numerical data. The calculations asked are those relevant to the workplace.
  2. Verbal Aptitude: this assesses your ability to comprehend written information. You get a text followed by questions on the content of the text. You are to decide if the statement in the question is true, false, or do not have enough information to answer that question.
  3. Diagrammatic Aptitude: this is also called the abstract reasoning or inductive test. Your task is to find the diagram in the option that completes the set in the question.
  4. Spatial Aptitude: this test the applicant's ability to apply spatial judgment and object visualization from multiple angles. An applicant should be able to notice inconsistencies in objects irrespective of their orientation. This ability is required for engineering and science roles.
  5. Error checking Aptitude: Candidates get two sets of data. One of the groups has errors embedded in it. The applicant has to pick out the error successfully. The error can be verbal, coding, or numerical.
  6. Mechanical Aptitude: this test assesses the understanding of basic mechanical principles in prospective employees. The test usually involves the use of gears, pulleys, and handles.

Tips to ace the Saville Assessment

It is quite easy to ace your Saville assessment if you follow the simple tips below.

  • Familiarize yourself with the test formats. Understand what this test requires of you.
  • Practice with various questions available on the internet. The more you practice, the better you get at solving questions.
  • Try to remain calm and relaxed during the assessment. Take a few calming breathes before starting the test to steady your heartbeats.

Preparing for the Saville Assessment?

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