SHL tests

What is SHL?

SHL is a company that publishes psychometric tests designed to test the diagrammatic, numerical, and verbal reasoning of prospective employees. SHL test accuracy, speed, and test score compare candidates’ suitability for the role. It is one of the most widely used recruitment tests in the United Kingdom. The average score of applicants in SHL is 80%.

Your abilities and scores are compared with other candidates in the pool. Your score and skills make it easy for the recruiter to choose the right candidate for the available position. A higher than average score will increase your chances of employment, affect the salary offered, and fast-track your career.

What are the most used SHL aptitude tests?

There are eight most used SHL aptitude tests. They are:

  1. SHL Inductive Reasoning Test: this test typically has 24 questions and lasts for 25 minutes. Your objective in this test is to spot reoccurring patterns in a group of graphics or image. SHL reasoning tests your ability to infer and understand the similarities in various concepts.
  2. SHL Numerical Reasoning Test: the duration of this test is 25 minutes. You are given 18 questions depending on your job level within the organization. This set of mathematical problems are relevant to the organization. The questions will be realistic and relevant to your daily activities at work. The test is used to assess your statistical and mathematical solving ability.
  3. SHL Verbal Reasoning Test: verbal reasoning test is designed to test your cognitive ability. You are required to make logical deductions and understand oral and written information. The test has 30 questions and lasts for 19 minutes.
  4. SHL Mechanical Reasoning Test: this is used to test candidates’ understanding of mechanical principles. Gears, pulleys, and levers application are assessed in this test. You have twenty-five minutes to complete this test.
  5. SHL Comprehension Reading Test: you are required to deduce information from written statements. The provided information should be used in making an objective decision. You are required to answer 18 questions within 10 minutes.
  6. SHL Deductive Reasoning Test: this is an eighteen questions test to be completed within 10 minutes. You will be given statements and outcomes. Your objective is to deduce if the outcomes tally with the views.
  7. SHL Management and Graduate Item Bank (MGIB): this test comprises verbal, numerical, and cognitive tests. It is for managerial and graduate-level positions. The test assesses the creativity and abstract intelligence of the candidates. The candidate has 25 minutes for the verbal reasoning aspect, 35 minutes to tackle the numerical problems, and 32 minutes for the thinking test. The test was developed for the assessment, selection, and development of managerial candidates.
  8. Bespoke ability Test: this test is used in finance and sales positions. The questions are custom made and tailored to the needs of the company administering the test.

How to practice for SHL assessment?

A good SHL Test score, such as 95%, can fast track your career and increase your employer's salary. Below are tricks to help you ace the SHL assessment test. Practicing will improve your chances of being part of the top five percentile on this test.
  1. Practice relevant questions: you should focus on solving questions similar in style to those asked in the SHL test. Focusing on SHL-style questions will give you an idea of what to expect and the best approach to solving the problems.
  2. Practice time management: SHL is a timed test. It would help if you timed yourself while practicing. Create shortcuts to help you solve your questions faster and save time. Leave difficult questions for later. Start with the easier ones.
  3. Learn from your mistakes: mistakes are part of the learning process. You should take time to review your errors and devise means of avoiding them in the future. Learning from your mistakes will reduce your errors and increase your score on the test.
  4. Prepare for everything: you should prepare adequately for all the standard SHL assessment test. You might be asked to take more than one SHL assessment test during the recruitment process.
  5. Find free question sample questions on the internet to practice Read widely, brush up on your mathematics and verbal reasoning.

SHL test example questions and answers

Verbal reasoning: you will be given a passage followed by a set of statements. You will determine if each information is accurate.


Many organizations employ students during the summer holiday because the permanent staff often take their holiday during this period. Companies also experience increased workloads during the summer. Summer recruits can return as qualified professionals to work for the company. Companies pay students a fixed income without paid vacations and bonuses paid to full-time employees.

Statement 1

Students employed during summer are given the same remuneration and benefits as full-time employees
  1. true
  2. false
  3. cannot say

the correct answer is B

Statement 2

companies have more work during the summer
  1. true
  2. false
  3. cannot say

the correct answer is A

Numerical reasoning: information is provided in a table followed by a set of questions. You are to pick the correct answer to each item.


Readers for year one(million) 

Readers for year two(million) 

Male readers for year 3 (million) 

Female readers for year 3  (million) 

















Question 1: which newspaper was read the most by females in the table

  1. Chronicle
  2. Herald
  3. Tribune

The correct answer is B

Question 2: what was the combined readership of Herald and Tribune in year two?

  1. 14.1
  2. 15.6
  3. 9.6

The correct answer is A

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