DDI assessment test

Dimensions International is known as DDI. It is an international human resources consultancy company. The company was founded in 1970 by Dr. William Byham and Dr. Doughlas Bray. DDI has offices in 26 countries and specializes in helping companies through leadership succession, performance, and execution.

What is the DDI Assessment?

DDI assessment test is a psychometric test consisting of different types of assessments. This psychometric test predicts the success rate of an applicant in the role they applied for. The test identifies the leadership attributes of prospective employees.

What are the DDI Test Types?

DDI offers a lot of tests. The most common tests offered are the five listed below.

Readiness Assessment

A readiness assessment is the personality test for candidates in a managerial and sales position. The test measures possible job success if given the job. There are two types of readiness assessment tests. The leader readiness assessment test is used for assessment into managerial positions, while sales readiness assessment is used for recruitment into sales positions.

Skills Test

The skills test assesses specific skills in fields such as healthcare, law, information technology, and retail.

Career Battery

The career battery test is used for reducing the number of applicants for a job opening. This test assesses the personal experience, self-management, and decision making abilities of applicants. Questions on self-management come with true or false options. Personal experience questions ask you to select words that best describe your experiences. The decision-making part of the test creates a real-life scenario and asks how you will deal with it.

Insight Inventory

The insight inventory test is used to assess the personalities of current employees. This test helps management understand their employees' stance and what can be improved on. Employees in sales face to Sales insight inventory test, new recruits with bachelor's degree face Professional insight inventory. At the same time, those in mid-levels and managers are assessed with Leader insight inventory.

What is the DDI Adaptive Reasoning Test (ART)?

The DDI adaptive reasoning test, also known as ART, is an online psychometric test. This test assesses your ability to reason and learn new information quickly. It has only fifteen questions. You will get several shapes arranged in a definite pattern. Your task is to solve the pattern of the set of shapes in the question.

The test is adaptive because the next question's difficulty depends on your performance in the present problem. If you answer the current question wrongly, the next question will be much easier, but if you get the recent question right, the following questions will be more challenging than the previous one. ART can is deployed in assessing all positions in an organization.

What does DDI certification stand for?

DDI certifications are given to people who have successfully undergone at least one of the DDI's Leadership training program. DDI understands some companies prefer an in-house trainee for their team. DDI works with organizations to train selected staff to become facilitators and trainers in just three days.

These facilitators are trained in four certification programs. They are Business impact leadership programs for mid to senior-level employees—interaction management program for training managerial staff on leadership and effective management—success profiles program for teaching new employees how to succeed in their careers—the Targeted selection program for training recruitment officers.

Which companies use DDI?

DDI was part of the top twenty assessment and evaluation companies in the USA in 2019. Multinational giants such as Nestle and Coca-cola rely on DDI's expertise in hiring and training their employees. Dell, Target, UPS, Allstate, and the United health group are some of the companies that use DDI assessment.

How to Prepare for the DDI assessment

Adequate preparation should be made to ensure success in the DDI assessment. There is no penalty for wrong answers in the DDI assessment. Below are some tips to help you.

    1. Be consistent in your training. The tests are programmed to simulate your routine in the workplace. Practice until you have consistent responses to each situation. Inconsistency in your reaction during the test can give a negative review
    2. It is important to demonstrate you are a team player in your test. Practice delegating tasks to your colleagues.

Preparing for the DDI Assessment?

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