ANRA assessment

Pearsons Assessment Limited designed the Advanced Numerical Reasoning Appraisal as an assessment tool for recruiters and employers. This tool is for assessing potential employees and promoting existing employees within an organization. This tool is mostly used in recruitment, assessment, and promotion of management-level employees in an organization.

What is the Advanced Numerical Reasoning Appraisal (ANRA)?

ANRA, the abbreviation for Advanced Numerical Appraisal, is a multiple-choice test comprising of thirty-six questions to be completed within thirty-five minutes. This test differs from a typical computational mathematic assessment in that it measures deduction and evaluation skills. ANRA is often used with Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal Test. ANRA is used for Executives, Directors, Managers, Professionals in financial occupations, and financial analysts.

What does the ANRA measure?

Advanced numerical reasoning appraisal measures applicants' numerical reasoning skills—the test focuses on applying mathematical skills in decision-making and problem-solving. The ANRA test assesses the deductive, interpretative, and evaluative skills of candidates. The ability of individuals to use basic mathematics rules in solving everyday problems.

What is the ANRA test format?

ANRA test is divided into two sections. They are:

Sufficiency of Information

In this part of the ANRA assessment, you will get a question followed by two statements. The statements are labeled as statement one and statement two. Both statements give distinct information. You will be asked if there is enough information separately or together in statement one and statement two to answer the question.

You are expected to consider the information presented in the statements carefully before answering your questions. Your mathematical and logical reasoning should be used in solving the problem. The five options you will get following the statement one, and two are;

  1. statement one alone has sufficient information to answer the question
  2. statement two alone has adequate information to answer the question
  3. both statement one and statement two have the information necessary to answer the given question
  4. each statement has enough information to answer the question asked
  5. statement one and statement two do not contain sufficient information to respond to the question asked.

Comparison of Quantities

In this part of ANRA test, your task is to compare two quantities, A and B. Each question comes with a sentence comparing two values or quantities. The test questions are usually similar to the Quantitative aspect of GRE. The statement is followed by four options A to D. The possible answers to the questions are generally;

  1. the quantity of A is greater than the quantity of B
  2. the quantity of B is more significant than the quantity of A
  3. quantity of A and quantity of B are equal
  4. we do not have sufficient information in the statements to make comparisons between the quantities of A and B

How can I practice for the ANRA assessment?

Practicing for your ANRA assessment is essential. Numerical reasoning practice makes you perform better on the tests. The average result on the test is less than 80%. With adequate preparations, you can beat the average score. The tips to ensure you get the most out of your trials are:

    1. Familiarize yourself with the test: it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the test you are about to face. Training yourself with the test gives you a clear picture of what to expect, what the test measures, and the exam conditions.
    2. Track your progress: It is important to keep track of the results of your attempts. Compare the results regularly. Figure out a strategy for scoring better on your tests. Discover your weakness, design a study plan to address these weaknesses.

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