Hudson Test

Hudson is a recruitment and talent management company that offers psychometric tests to companies for recruitment purposes. The company created the Business Attitudes Questionnaire and the Hudson Reasoning Ability tests.

What are Hudson Tests?

Hudson tests are for assessing the eligibility of applicants for a specific position. The tests were created to assist organizations in recruitment processes. Each test measures something different from the other.

What tests can you expect at a Hudson assessment?

There are two Hudson tests you should expect for assessment purposes. They are;

  1. Hudson reasoning ability tests: The test is used in assessing people in operational roles, junior, middle, and senior management positions. This test assesses the candidate's planning ability, technical insight, accuracy, speed, and spatial insight. This reasoning ability test has three sections, which are;
    • Numerical Reasoning Test
      The numerical test assesses candidates' mathematical skills. How quickly can the test-takers perform accurate and simple calculations. The test questions include percentage, number sequence, ratios, data interpretation, and currency conversion. Your task is to interpret the given data and use the data in answering the questions that follow. You are not allowed to use calculators. You have ninety seconds to complete each question.
    • Abstract Test
      The abstract test comes in a diagrammatic format. Shapes, figures, and patterns are presented to you in each question. You will get two sets of figures per question. The first is the original figure and the other one the final figure. Each figure has several buttons. Each controller on the final figure controls a different function on the actual figure. Your job is to decide which button will turn the original figure into the final figures using logical problem-solving skills. You have ninety seconds to solve each question.
    • Verbal reasoning Test
      The verbal reasoning test assesses how fast you can comprehend written instructions. The test consists of two sections, the hard and intermediate portions. You will get a series of short passages, followed by questions in both areas. Your task is to decide if the statements written in the questions are valid, false, or you do not have enough information in the short passages to decide. You have sixty seconds to complete each question.
  2. Hudson Business Attitudes Questionnaire: this is an online personality test. It is designed to assess how candidates behave in the workplace. Five core traits are evaluated with the test. They are openness, emotional stability, altruism, conscientiousness, and extraversion.
    You will get a statement in each question. Your task is to agree or disagree with the statement you are given. This is not a timed test, but you are encouraged to finish as soon as possible. There is no right or wrong answer in this test. Your responses will determine if you have the characteristics the company needs to fill the vacant position.

How to prepare for Hudson Psychometric Assessment?

  1. Practice as much as you can with a simulated test environment. There are free practice questions online you can utilize in your practice. Practicing will make you familiar with the test format. Adhere to all rules and instructions like you would in an exam situation.
  2. Time your attempts. Remember, most parts of the assessment have a time limit. Learn to work within the available time.
  3. Keep track of your performance. Keep a record of your performance in your practice test. Analyze the progress you have made and what you need to do to get ahead.

Tips for completing the Hudson Assessment

    • Please get a good night's sleep the day before the exam.
    • Read all instructions. Instruction is a big part of the exam.
    • Relax during the examination. Take deep breaths to calm yourself down.
    • Take your assessment in a quiet place devoid of distractions.
    • Please do not converse with anyone during the assessment. Work alone.
    • Do not attempt this assessment if you are exhausted, stressed, or ill.
    • Please attempt all questions.
    • Please be time conscious. Work as fast as you can.

Preparing for the Hudson Assessment?

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